“JRL has been fantastic with tax planning for me as a business owner.  Cookie-cutter financial planners and CPA’s are easy to find.  JRL is much different and I highly recommend working with these guys!”

– Mr. Joshi (client for 3 years)

Business Owners

Are you paying $100k or more per year in income taxes? If so, contact us to learn how you can legally minimize your tax obligations.

Our clients have taxes reduced by 25% – 45% per year by using conservative, IRS-approved strategies. Contact us today to learn more.


How we get it done

In conjunction with a group of highly-specialized accountants and tax attorneys, we will provide you a plan specially made for your needs, including:

  • A full description of the tax reduction strategies suitable to your situation.
  • Existing statutes, court cases, IRS regulations, revenue rulings, and other information to support each of our recommendations. 

Our strategies are based on a strong technical foundation, and have already been tested by thousands of other taxpayers. Trust our expertise; let us help you.


How we work for you

  • Prepare a complimentary analysis of your situation and project your tax savings.
  • Complete the research necessary to customize your plan.
  • Implement the tax reduction strategies.
  • Train your current tax advisors regarding the newly-implemented strategies.


Why should you trust us?

  • IRS compliant
  • Dramatic Results
  • Proven and tested
  • Lifestyle changing
  • Peace of mind